Ziroco (also known as oliver) is a Mexican-Swedish streamer and known drug dealer. He immigrated to Sweden to play LOL with some other people, He is the founder of Elfiesta.

Ziroco's Streaming Career


Some people speculate he started the group to slowly become "friends" with everyone, so he can later recruit them for his drug cartel back in mexico, though that is a theory yet to be proven

15/02/2016 Ziroco went live for the first time, and as unrealistic as it sounds he got over 100 live views on his first stream. Speeding up 1 year Ziroco had expanded and his name had grown dramaticly. After just one year streaming statics show that he made up to $30000 from donations and sponsors. Later that year Zirocos streaming profile got banned from a administrator when Ziroco forgot to turn off his stream and so he forgot turn off his camera while wanking. Just in about 2 days re-posts of his nudes could be shown in all social media and in aboyt 1 week 10 milion people had seen his mexican burito.

Ziroco's Gaming Career

As a child Ziroco found a way to satesfy himself, and not in a noughty way. He got a PC from his parents at the age of 10 and had already discoverd the games that would change his life. League Of Legends and Counter-Strike Global Ofensive. 5 Years later Ziroco was up in the rank of Global Elite in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Master in the game League Of Legends. But Ziroco took a break from gaming do to problems with his girlfriend and when he soon came back to gaming his skills, well yeah..... He then started his gaming group Elfiesta, and not only is he the leader of the group but he is also one of the best players in it.

He got VAC banned after disabling smoke textures on Counter-strike Global offensive, his main game, if he will stream more in the future or not is unknown.




People also think he Killed Adventurecore for trying to smuggle his own drugs in a neighbouring country, which would explain his abscence and dissapearance from the real world.

He hates having his voice recorded, some people think its because he is afraid the Mexican Police will see it and come after him. 

He hates kebab, and Wheatley... or does he...