Ziroco (also known as oliver) is a Mexican-Swedish streamer and known drug dealer. He immigrated to Sweden to play LOL with some other people, He is the founder of Elfiesta.

Some people speculate he started the group to slowly become "friends" with everyone, so he can later recruit them for his drug cartel back in mexico, though that is a theory yet to be proven.

He Used to stream.



He got VAC banned after disabling smoke textures on Counter-strike Global offensive, his main game, if he will stream more in the future or not is unknown.

People also think he Killed Adventurecore for trying to smuggle his own drugs in a neighbouring country, which would explain his abscence and dissapearance from the real world.

He hates having his voice recorded, some people think its because he is afraid the Mexican Police will see it and come after him. 

He hates kebab, and Wheatley... or does he...