Wheatley (AKA Ale) Is a Polish House builder and toilet cleaner, and the most hated one in the group, he gets banned everytime he joins the discord, yet somehow he always find a way to come back and haunt them, often with earrape.

he was once an innocent young virgin man trying to play with his ex-bo, i mean friend, Spacecore.  but one day he invited Wheatley to the group and has become the most infamous member yet.

Wheatley always records the conversations in elfiesta, for some unknown reason, mostly when Ziroco is in it, it is speculated he knows about Ziroco's drug mafia and is trying to find proof to report to the police, which might be a reason Ziroco hates being recorded.

It is belived he has an inside job always inviting him to the discord, who it is though is unknown,

No one has ever seen his face, if he even has one, Wheatley might be a robot, might be a person, But we might never know...