Spacecore (also known as Playtheog) is a suryoyo Garry's mod player, he was the one to invite Wheatley to Elfiesta, which isn't despised by the group suprisingly.

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SpaceCore after coming back from space.

He was one of the biggest, and most known members of civilgamers, a RolePlaying group on Garrys mod, he spend over a thousand hours on that servers, and eventually left to move on to MillitaryRP, where he became big aswell.Nowdays, he works on his own RP server, titled "SyriaRP" nothing is known about this server, other than he Co-owns it.

SpaceCore played LoL, Minecraft and CSGO, but left all those games behind, after he got VAC banned for cheating on competetive in Counter-Strike Global offensive.                                                                                    He never became anything higher than master guardian, after that rank he deranked increasingly which made him want to cheat, which turned out to be a bad idea when him, and Ziroco got ban hammered on judgment day after Someone Overwatche'd their game.

Its not really known if he Hates Wheatley or not, even though he has banned him, he still seems Neutral about him, compared to other members.

Some People speculate that he is a Terrorist, but that is nothing than a myth, used to scare people from going near Neger's like SpaceCore.