Matte is One of the highest ranking officials in Elfiesta, but also the most annoying, cuntiest, shittiest, boring, and dumb member. His dick is smaler then a bean.

He Hates Wheatley the most out of anyone, he is the one ALWAYS banning Wheatley from the discord, how it all started? no one remembers.                                                  He hates Muslims, Jews, Niggers, Polaks and russians more than anyone, he is the one people would trust the least with handling a situation.         

He always get kicked on CSGO games because he kills his teammates, further showing he cannot be trusted.                                                                                          Even though all of this, he is still the highest ranking person in elfiesta.  

But even after all this, he once invited Wheatley after banning him strangely enough, maybe this is all just an act and wheatley is actually his crush?  

Wheatley once recorded him singing "its everyday bro" which he proudly represents himself with, that is the only thing that has positively come out from wheatley to Matte.                       He is a Proud Nazi whore.