Matte (AKA Blatte) is the big boss around here, he hates Wheatley with PASSION and one day wishes to kidnapp his dogs and make Kebab out of them.


Matte after the prank

It all started When Ziroco wanted to do a prank on matte, he decided that Wheatley should change his name to What Ziroco had, then they would play Comp while Ziroco commentates pretending to be the one playing, when it was infact, Wheatley.                                                                        Wheatley did good, but when Matte found out about the Prank, he got mad so Wheatley decided to troll and throw the game when they lead 13-6.

Matte Raged, and swore that he would kill Wheatley one day, everyone laughed but there was no stopping him... One day he might murder Wheatley, but then everyone will know who did it.

Since that day, Matte has permanenlty muted Wheatley, as if he never wants to hear from his cuntish little voice again.

Matteus(AKA Muslim)also loves a little girl named Mattias. One day he walked and asked Mattias if she wanted to fuck. Mattias turned around quick and started to shockeon Matteus hairy cock and since that day Mattias understod that Matteus cock was 23 km long:)