Old man

Loa on holiday

is undirectly and accidentally, the 2nd most annoying one, since his mic can hear his headphones all the way to his mother in bed.

Loa was once stuck in Gold nova forever and played comp 24/7 With Wheatley and Harry, but he never got his master guardian, so eventually he gave up, no one knows what loa is doing these days. Loa Plays football or something so that one day he can become the next Zlatan, but first he needs a bigger nose, so he asked Wheatley for it but he declined.

Wheatley once recorded Loa while taking a piss, so you could hear everything in the backround, Loa also has a very annoying brother, playing Minecraft and screaming "nigger" at the screen, Loa always says "SHUSH!" Whenever he screams.

he also Doesn't hate Wheatley too much, or atleast he is neutral about him.