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Klart in his natural habitat

Klart (Also known as Klart333, Also known as John) is Minecraft-born Caktus, known to be the one with the squeakiest voice in the group.

He was once the biggest minecraft nerd on the planet, and only played Minecraft, though one day, Wheatley introduced him to la steam, even though he already had Civilazation 5 before, he never used steam nor played that game. he started playing CSGO, eventually he moved on to other games, he started with DOTA 2 but got bored and then started with LOL.

He, along with AdventureCore seems to be the only one not to hate Wheatley, suprisingly considering Wheatley has done nothing else but doing wierd shit towards him, such as recording him and uploading it to youtube for everybody to watch.

He claims he needs water, even though he is a cactus. and cactuses dont need water dammit!

Klart had become a meme after Wheatley uploaded the video, titled "VI KOMMER DÖÖÖ, VI KOMMER DÖ!" which got lots of attention quickly in elfiesta, yet klart hates that meme and wished it never came to life.

Today, he Plays mosty CIV 5.