Hampuss is wierd, over enthustiastic, and never stops laughing. He loves the word slippy and is likes to shout all the time like the neger he is.

He once said the word "Slippy" for 10 hours in order for Wheatley to record a video so that he could annoy the other people, some people think however that he did this so that people would earrape them with "slippy" so that Wheatley could FINALLY be banned, but so far it looks like he has been accepting of the wheat, so maybe its just a myth after all. He is the least jewish of them all and also has a really squeaky voice like Klart.

He likes posting porn and asks people what kinda porn to post, so that he can wank off to what he finds.

Not much else is known about hampussy, he is kinda boring tho.