Retard duck


Ankan Daffe is one of the oldest members of elfiesta and is know to do bad work. This man could eather be very happy or extremely mad. Was born 01/03/1998 somewhere in Denmark. As a child he was a laidies man and often got the girls. But as the years went pass Ankan Daffe got tierd of all the girls running after him so he diecided to get a PC. Lets get to the importan part. Ankan Daffe got invited by the player Mr.Sudden and Ankan Daffe is now one of the olders members of the group. Even tho he have been a long time member the creator Ziroco refuses to give Ankan Daffe a higher rank in the group do to reasons that he wont tell us about. Becouse of that Ankan Daffe decided to buy himself a rank.

Ankan Daffe is kind of hated in elfiesta for beeing a danish farmer. The elfiestas do not like farmers and specially not danish farmers.


Ankan Daffe's main game is League Of Legends, he started playing the game 2016 and till today he is unranked do to the fact that he cant handel the hate from comptetetive people so he sticks to the normal games. Ankan Daffe likes playing as Veigar, Jhin and Teemo. He have allways tried to find a champion to main but he have never "liked" a champ and have never been speciallised in a champion. He have also tried to find "his lane" but no lane seem to work for him. He once tried out the Counter-Strike Golbal Offensive career but it went nothing more then unranked. He then came back to League Of Legends and till today League Of Legends is his main game. Ankan Daffe wound't consider himself as one of the great players of the team but compared to Matte Ankan Daffe is acually getting better.

Ankan Daffe also plays a whole lot of World Of Worldcraft he have played the game in about a year and he often plays the Character "Hunter Blood Elf" and have the level 110 with the Character.

Ankan Daffe so with Matte is the players to blame if something goes wrong or when your losing a game. Ankan Daffe is not the greatest player but as later mationed he is getting better. And passed Matte in the League Of Legends Career and he fights to get better at the game.

Ankan Daffe is that one person who rages for nothing and often rage during games, he start screaming on the whole team that everyone playes bad and no one help him but in fact we all know that he is just not the greatest player out there...