AdventureCore is The newest, and Most mysterious member of the group, Born in argentina, Everyone had forgotten about him untill now,               He has not been online since 2 months back, though he has been active in his youtube
 but not responding to Wheatley's videos, which is highly unusual of him...

Only Wheatley, Klart and Spacecore knew him before he dissapeared, and they have speculated that he has either been kidnapped by his former ADHD friend, "Johan" that forced Adventurecore to play with him and Screamed if he couldn't, OR he had set up his own Drug business in Argentina, but was killed by Elfiesta member, Ziroco so that he wouldn't have competition, they live next to each other after all, this theory is supported by Ziroco's "First" greeting with adventurecore, where he was overwhelmingly enthustiastic, and adventurecore was quiet in shock.

He used to play Dying Light and Team Fortress 2 for like 1,000 hours untill he stopped and moved on to CSGO, and then Overwatch.

He also likes Tokyo Ghoul and other animooz.